LGBT singers are an important part of the music industry and a diverse audience. While it is not always easy to find an artist who is out in the spotlight, some of the more popular performers have come out to their fans. Here are five of the most famous LGBT artists. Let’s start with JORDY. Her voice is lively and infectious, and her songs are about finding love. You can find more LGBT artists on Spotify.

Janelle Monáe – Known for coming out as bisexual, panttexual, and queer in 2015, this pop singer came out to her fans to show their support. Muna – A quintet of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson – is a popular LGBTQ group from London. The three women started working together in 2013 and released their first album, “Hyperion”. The song, “Bye-Bye-Baby,” is about feeling rejected by a man and losing a loved one.

Beatrice Eli – A British singer who prefers the term lesbian over gay, Beatrice Eli’s lyrics are very gay. Alexandra Lilah Denton – A lesbian from England, Alexandra Lilah Denton began recording music at age 13 and has since released several albums. Her latest album, “Touch,” was released in 2015. The LGBT artist movement is a growing global phenomenon and her music is a critical part of promoting cultural awareness.

Vardaan Arora – The singer who made her name viral in 2016 and has received over 1.9 million YouTube subscribers. She’s an example of a young, LGBTQ artist who is trying to prove that POC artists can slay just as hard as white ones. Arora’s YouTube channel also features a lot of uplifting content, so it’s not hard to find a great piece of music from her.

Beatrice Eli – Another lesbian artist who came out as gay in the past, Beatrice Eli began her singing career in lesbian bars in LA. She later came out in 1993 and became an active member of the LGBTQ+ community. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. And continues to inspire many other gay female singers. There’s no shortage of talented lesbian artists today. And you’ll never have to guess who is gay in the music industry.

Beatrice Eli – A lesbian singer from Sweden. Beatrice Eli’s music is about love and intimacy and is openly gay in the public eye. Her parents’ religious beliefs did not prevent her from pursuing her passions. And she became a famous lesbian after coming out at an early age. Aside from Beatrice, other LGBT singers include Julia Aguilar and Alyssa Dion.